Low effort, high return techniques to help your family be Friction-Less

“The biggest problem with parenting today is a lack of intentionality.”
— George Barna - Revolutionary Parenting

Intentionality is the key to excellent parenting. It requires hard work, consistency and knowing what the finished product looks like. Friction-Less Families is passionate about helping mothers and fathers:

> Understand the vital role of parenting for their children, the church and society.

> Have a clear picture of what "success" looks like from God's perspective.

> "The Ritual" - Discipline that brings heart change, not behavior modification.

> Understand the two key concepts that impact everything a parent does.

> Emphasize the key role Dad plays and the damage caused when he checks-out.

> See how Moms can actually tear down their homes while trying to build it.

> Provide lots of practical day-to-day techniques and guidance on developing Biblical literacy, the dangers of too much/little praise, household helps, balancing grace and discipline, how things change in the teen years and much, much more.


friction-less families - passionate about helping your family run smoother



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