Add-On Sessions - Pick four

Pick four of the following sessions for your church or organization. These will be presented after the two Core Sessions.

Discipline as Discipleship - Heart Change vs Behavior Change

Being “firm, fair and consistent” is one of the greatest challenges for most parents, but settling for behavior change is their greatest mistake because the need for discipline is an opportunity for discipleship. This session starts in the book of Proverbs and moves into practical, age appropriate advice for the home, the classroom and even the mini-van – where it’s impossible to know who really 'started it'.


  • Moving from behavior modification to heart change.
  • “The Ritual” – When, where and how to discipline your children without losing their hearts.
  • Discipline vs Grace – What to do when you don’t know which to choose.
  • Six common discipline mistakes made by well-meaning parents.
  • Practical helps and age-appropriate strategies for disciplining children.

Technology in the family - The dangers of screen addiction.

This is our most popular session.

For more information, visit the "Technology in the Family" page.

Motherhood - Parenting through Fear, formula or faith

Instead of parenting by fear or formula, the most effective mothering taps into faith and the Gospel and is sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the unique needs of each child.


  • Defines what “home” really means and its ultimate impact on the family, society and the Church.
  • The effects of "the fall" on the home.
  • Discuss the proverbial “wise woman” and “foolish woman”.
  • How women can actually tear down their homes while they’re trying to build it.
  • The power and influence of family on neighbors, neighborhoods, society and the nation.

Parenting HacksTips, Tricks, Rhythms and Routines

This session is all about practicality. It is based on hard won insight (aka. our mistakes and blunders) and helps for real-world problems with an emphasis on proven solutions that can be realistically implemented by any intentional family.

  • Growing your children into biblical literacy and the concepts and passages exceptional parents focused on.
  • Communicating the uniqueness of the Gospel compared to other world views and religions.
  • How to do family Bible study through the power of pie. 😊
  • Dangers of too much / too little praise.
  • Household Helps: Jurisdictions / “Dish-cipleship”.
  • Myths about teens.