Technology in the Family - The causes, dangers and answers to tech-addiction for the connected family.


Have screens taken over your family?


"Help!" - That is the word we hear most often when talking with parents about their struggles maintaining a healthy relationship with technology in their families. If you are having trouble managing the invasion of devices, phones, computers and apps coming into your home, you are not alone.

There has never been a technology adopted as quickly, broadly and pervasively as the Internet (and it's related devices) and there is no proven body of collective wisdom that we can draw from. Truthfully, we are all "winging it" to some degree - but, that doesn't mean we have to let screens and apps take over our lives and the hearts of our children.

Our Technology in the Family presentation will give you:

God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.
— Sean Parker (Facebook founder) on making Facebook as addictive as possible.
  • An introduction to how companies are using neuroscience and dopamine stimulation to make their games and apps physically and psychologically addictive.
  • A detailed explanation of what happens to peoples brains when exposed to excessive screen time.
  • An understanding of the scope of the problem.
  • The warning signs of tech addiction.
  • Simple, practical guidelines for families to keep their children safe.
  • A discussion about games and social media apps you may want to avoid altogether.
  • Proactive steps you can take if you think one of your children is at risk.
  • A valuable and concise examination of several technologies available to families who want to monitor, limit or tightly control where, when, how and how long their family members can utilize apps and internet access.
“Screen addiction looks just like drug addiction.”
— Dr. George Bartzoki (Journal of Biological Psychiatry) on comparing brain scans of heroin users and heavy gamers.

This is one of our most popular seminars and we are eager to present it to your church or organization. (If you are a pastor, there is a special page for you.)

Here is a shortened version of the Technology in the Family from our Parenting on Purpose seminar.