Technology Overview for Leaders

Pastors must know what's going on in the lives of their people.

Friction-Less Families provides a free 20 minute informational overview of the dangers of screen addiction, it's causes and what parents, churches and organizations can do to educate and protect their people.

This fast paced presentation discusses:

“I want to recommend Mike and Cheryl to you and to your church for their “Parenting on Purpose” seminar.

They live what they present, the tools they provide will help any family and you can trust that their content is thoroughly biblical.”
— Dr. Larry Lamb - Cielo Vista Church, El Paso TX
  • How gaming and social media companies use neuroscience to make video games and social media as addictive as possible. 
  • The scope of the problem.
  • The difference and vulnerabilities of how excessive screen time impacts children, teens and adults.
  • Simple guidelines for safe technology use.
  • Tools to monitor, control and even lock down a homes devices.

All attendees receive a handout with the complete list of safety guidelines, suggestion for games that are safe, games that should be avoided and the pros and cons of the various technologies available to families.

We are available to speak on this important and timely topic for your church. If you'd like to see a shortened version of this talk, visit the "Technology in the Family"page.