Core Sessions

Our parenting seminar is divided into Core Sessions and Add-On Sessions.

There are two Core Sessions that lay the foundation for the other sessions in the seminar. These sessions cover the key concepts and principals that are referenced throughout the rest of the seminar. The Core Sessions are required, but organizations can pick up to 4 other Add-On Sessions to tailor the seminar for their people.

reset- how great parents think

Without intentionality, most parents default to doing what their parents did, what Oprah and The View say, or trial-and-error. Unfortunately, the results are often less than stellar.

This session is based on over 10,000 interviews conducted by the Barna Research Group and focuses on what actually worked for thousands of families. This session details what mattered (and what didn't) when it came to parenting children who retained a durable, active and vibrant faith through high-school, college and into their twenties.


  • Share the two most important things intentional parents did while they had children at home.

  • Discuss how these parents saw their roles and how it fundamentally touches every area of their parenting.

  • Examine the single biggest problem in parenting today.

  • Detail what “success” looks like and ways to measure progress.

  • Provide parents with hope and perspective, even if they’ve fallen short of their parenting goals.


Fair or not, Dad has more influence over the direction, character, conduct and demeanor of his family than anyone else. A prayerful father who is engaged and actively growing himself and leading his family is probably the greatest blessing a family can have.


  • Deuteronomy 4 and 6 - their wisdom, warnings and practical applications.

  • The profound dangers of abdication, distraction and other common pitfalls.

  • Choosing the types of mistakes you’re going to make – in advance.

  • What “spiritual leadership” looks like – even for new believers.